Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sanford's NBA Predictions

With all of the free agency moves this off-season and Lebron's "decision" anticipation has never been higher for an upcoming NBA season.  Many of you know Sanford as the president of Unigirl Canada, but what you likely didn't know is he is a major basketball junkie, so here are his picks and predictions about how the NBA season for 2010-2011 will play out.

Eastern Conference                               Western Conference

Atlantic Division                                     Southwest Division

Boston Celtics                                          Dallas Mavericks
New York Knicks                                      San Antonio Spurs
Toronto Raptors                                       Memphis Grizzlies
Philadelphia 76ers                                    Houston Rockets
New Jersey Nets                                       New Orleans Hornets

Southeast Division                                 Northwest Division      

Miami Heat                                              Oklahoma City Thunder
Atlanta Hawks                                         Utah Jazz
Orlando Magic                                        Portland Trailblazers
Charlotte Bobcats                                   Denver Nuggets
Washington Wizards                               Minnesota Timberwolves
Central Division                                    Pacific Division            

Chicago Bulls                                          Los Angeles Lakers
Milwaukee Bucks                                     Phoenix Suns
Cleveland Cavaliers                                Sacramento Kings
Detroit Pistons                                         Los Angeles Clippers
Indiana Pacers                                        Golden State Warriors


Eastern Conference

(1) Miami
(8) Toronto

(2) Boston           (1) Miami
(7) Milwaukee      (4) Chicago         (1) Miami
                                                                                 (2) Boston
(3) Atlanta           (2) Boston          (2) Boston
(6) New York       (3) Atlanta     

(4) Chicago
(5) Orlando

Western Conference  FINALS -   LA Lakers vs Boston Celtics -  Lakers win in 6

(1) LA Lakers
(8) Memphis

(2) Dallas             (1) LA Lakers
(7) Portland         (5) Utah              (1) LA Lakers
                                                                                 (1) LA Lakers
(3) Oklahoma      (2) Dallas            (3) Oklahoma
(6) San Antonio   (3) Oklahoma

(4) Phoenix
(5) Utah

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fantasy Football - Dave's Last Minute Picks

We all know that guy.  The one who is preparing for their fantasy draft two months before the day they are supposed to meet up with their buddies to drink some pints and make some picks.  While the life of a student isn't identical to the one we're used to here at Unigirl Canada, the one thing we are both short on is time.

Let’s face it, no one wants to be the guy that shows up at the draft unprepared, traversing the room to ask everyone to borrow their cheat sheet.  That's why with a week left until the NFL season gets going, Unigirl associate Dave Bang has prepared a concise cheat sheet that's perfect for the busy student.  We all know fantasy football puts a heavy emphasis on the big boys so here is what Dave sees as the top 5 receivers, quarterbacks and running backs the league has to offer.

Top 5 Quarterbacks

1. Drew Brees
No Super Bowl hangover for this guy. Brees will be looking to add another 5000 yard season to his resume.

2. Tom Brady
Out for vengeance. After an early playoff exit, expect another “Brady goes long to Moss” like season.

3. Peyton Manning
With a football IQ of 200, Manning will continue to pick apart defenses around the league.

4. Aaron Rogers
He is only getting better.

5. Matt Shaub
If Shaub can stay healthy all he has to do is put the ball into the leagues best receivers hands and let him do the rest.

Top 5 Running Backs

1. Chris Johnson
Will score on you faster than you can scream “TOUCHDOWN.”  Just look at the numbers.

2. Adrian Peterson
This guy is a monster, he’s fast, he’s strong and he’s out for revenge.

3. Michael Turner
Turner the burner will put up big numbers if he can manage to stay healthy all season.

4. Morris Jones-Drew
This stocky back should see a lot of the ball this year in Jacksonville’s ‘Run Heavy’ offence.

5. Ray Rice
Baltimore will be a contender this year. Lead by Flacco and the big play abilities of Ray Rice.

Top 5 Wide Receivers

1. Andre Johnson
The Best.

2. Randy Moss
Like stated before, the Pats are due for a Super Bowl appearance.

3. DeSean Jackson
Although he isn’t the tallest of receivers, he has big play capabilities. Already showing great chemistry with Kevin Kolb, expect Jackson to put up big numbers.

4. Miles Austin
How bout them cowboys? After a break out season last year expect Miles Austin to put up big numbers in Texas.

5. Reggie Wayne
Never hurts to be Peyton Manning’s go to receiver. With great hands and a great QB, comes great responsibility.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to school... this year will be different.

The summer months are the best of the year.  That sentiment is shared by a large majority of Canadians for good reason.  Winter turns our magnificent nation into a frozen landmass occupied by people depressed to be locked inside, remembering the glory days of July when the sun stayed out later than 5 P.M.... much later.  We love summer because the sun is seemingly out all day, but we get to enjoy the summer because school is out with it.

That's why around this time of year students all over the country fall into mild bouts of depression.  The realization that in a couple weeks it is back to the studies, cold weather, and extra layers of clothes ruthlessly sending beach bodies into hibernation for the winter is simply too much to handle.

This year Unigirl Canada is going to help you keep your spirits high by keeping the beach bodies out all year.  Over the course of the next few weeks we will be traveling to universities all across the country to find and showcase the most outstanding women from your classrooms in a series of calendars.

In addition to having your schools hottest girls help you keep your busy schedule organized, by supporting your campus calendar you will also be helping fight in the battle against cancer as a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Ladies if you know you have what it takes to be a Unigirl don't hesitate to follow this blog and check out www.unigirlcanada.com to find out details on how you can get involved.  

Guys make sure you follow the blog and check out the website too... this is the calendar and campus event of the year that you can't afford to miss.